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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 1, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel two news at noon. >> you know there are a lot of people in trouble and they need our help. >> the bay area responds. we will take you inside a local military base that is sending help to victims of super storm sandy. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. in many parts of the northeast they are still reeling from the devastation of sandy. the national death toll from the storm is now 81 and in new jersey the hardest hit state the death toll has climbed to at least 14. more than 1 million new jersey
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power customers are still without electricity. the national guard is stepping in to help thousands of residents left trapped in the floodwaters. >> i was very nervous, we were wearing our vest inside the house. if it came up another foot and a half or a big wave came in it would have been devastating. >> recovery efforts could take months with estimates in the billions. a major gas shortage is sweeping there as the east coast tries to get back to normal drivers are waiting in long lines for gas. some customers say they waited for an hour or more in mile long lines, 1 man said he wanted for 45 minutes, he was almost at the front when the station ran out of gas. help is on the way from the bay area to the east coast right now. two aircrafts filled with supplies and personnel has taken off from travis airforce base in solano county. tara moriarty joins us live to let us know some of the crucial
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items on board. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. our cargo plane took off from travis airforce base about 45 minutes ago. headed down to march airforce base to pick up supplies before it heads to the east coast. let's take a look at some of the crew members who were boarding that plane earlier around 11:15. this is ac-5. filled with supplies for victims of sandy. although this was short notice for them they say they were on stand by ready to answer the call of duty. now these are pictures from march airforce base, where sick 32 tons of equipment and supplies, including utility trucks are being loaded on to those planes. in less than two hours they will move out. >> and they are moving utility equipment and personnel to upstate new york that will allow us to turn the light switch on for the east coast. we also have a bunch of medical folks on stand by ready to
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launch so if there is air medical evacuation or if there is folks that need medical assistance, we can quickly get them to the locations they need to go. >> now around 2:00 this morning another cargo plane pulled out from travis airforce base. five c-5s and a dozen c-17 will converge before they head out. this is not the first time they helped out. they did provide assistance after the haiti earthquake and the last quake in japan as well as the tsunami and help in the wake of hurricane ka trine, a katrina, rita, and ike, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks, more now, parts of new york are still crim crippled as thousands remain powerless. almost 660,000 homes and businesses are still without
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electricity. around 700 patients had to be evacuated from bellevue hospital because of lost power. the mayor michael bloomberg says conedison is working aggressively to get power restored but it is going to take a long time. new york subwayses are offering limited service in lower manhattan, many lines though are still closed due to flooding. in the meantime a lot of people lined up this morning around brooklyn's barkley center to catch busses to work. mass transit is free by the way because police are trying to encourage people to take transit and not take cars. police in fact are only allowing cars carrying three or more people l across the city's bridges. more coverage coming up on a new effort to help the victims of super storm sandy. what the red cross is sending from the bay area to help on the east coast. it was a west morning commute for bay area drivers after rain moved in overnight. various downpours made it difficult for drivers to see especially before sunrise. this was the way it looked
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driving through san jose this morning. ktvu traffic reporter sal castaneda says he noticed more accidents than normal but not a whole lot more. flooding created dangerous conditions for drivers in some places. here is what it looked like on the jackson streel off-ramp from southbound i 988 in oakland rvelgt roads were slick heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we have been talking about the storm over the past few days, started yesterday in the morning hours up in the north bay, slowly spreading south. of course, that was 3 key word slowly before making it to the south bay by late last night early this morning. we have lingering cloud cover. as far as rain totals impressive, in sonoma county, santa rosa 0.evbut also for oakland and livermore 0.4 run and san jose around 0.15.
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you can see the activity on the decrease. the main action is down south toward monterrey bay and still a few left over showers and sprinkles in parts of the south bay. we still have to hold on to the chance of a shower throughout the afternoon. i will let you know when the showers completely move out and the big change for the weekend. >> 12,000 customers in the east bay lost power around 6:30 this morning. it affected antioch, pittsburgh, livermore and alameda county. it was restored by 9:00 a.m. pge says the problem was in a high-voltage power line. a hit-and-run driver caused a power outage this morning in san lo lorenzo, he hit a pole
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the crash broke the power pole off and it landed near cars and some people were not able to go to work. >> i need to get out but they say it is not safe to remove the cars now so it is better for wait for electrician and try to remove the power lines. >> chp officers found the drivers a few miles away and arrested him for dui. pg&e says it will take most of the day to replace the pole and restore power. a neighborhood is in mourning after what people are calling a senseless homicide. we have more details of the fatal shooting at a phone store. he is let to let us know why people are upset and why police are upset. >> reporter: yeah, several people have come up to us and this vigil continues to grow
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that continues that. they have identified the victim as as wilbur barkley, many knew him. he was about to close his store when someone came in to rob him and shot him. they have been canvassing the neighborhood looking for a possible. >> we have a team going door to door talking to people. >> as you can imagine many people especially in this community are affected by his killing. several people say he was a family man, a gem, helping out whenever he can and was a good person who wail be missed, a lot of people are outraged on whoever did this and they say they are seeking justice. >> he was just a gad guy.
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he was friendly with every 1 you know he never caused any problems i mean like i said he was a black man in this community that had his business here and today here when nobody else would. >> they will seek justice, believe that, and i pray they happen. >> i hope they catch them. i hope they catch them. i hope the community gets together and finds the people that did this to this man. this man did not deserve this. >> now several people we spoke with said he never went behind a protective glass wall unless he was closing up shop or there was a phone package too big. many of the communities suspect whoever did this knew he would be out in front of the glass. let's take you back out her life, see that people are continuing to gather around his business. again the memorial continues to grow. oakland police continue to investigate and the community continues to seek answers to a man who was loved here. there is a reward, a 10,000 dollar reward for any information. live here in oakland, brian flores, ktvu channel two news. >> thank you. we have developing news now
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from the peninsula where a body has washed up on the beach. it was discovered at 9:30 there. a spokesperson said it was a white man in his mid-30s but they found no injuries or obvious cause of death. we are following this and will have details when they are available. union city police carried out a swat operation this morning in oakland around 5:30 there east of there. neighbors reported hearing flash bang grenades, police said they were serving search warrants but would not say who was named and apparently they did not find the people they were looking for. >> hundreds of people in fear of losing their homes are here at the san jose convention center. we will tell you how they are getting morning help for free. >> in addition they are checking to see if we will have more rain. mark tamayo will also tell you when some bay area neighborhoods will see 80
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degrees again. we will tell you which bay area hospitals are facing a nurse's strike and for how long.
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dozens of nurses at chef at 7 hospitals in the bay area walked off knee job in a one day strike, dozens walked the picket line there. the union says the walk out is in response to demands by officials for sweeping reductions in patient care and standards in nurse's contracts. >> they have actually shut down any bargaining for our contracts and at this time we have at least 65 take aways on the table. >> a sutter official tells us their nurses are paid very well and urged the union to accept the company's offer that was put out nine months ago. a brother and a sister were hurt -- were hit in a crosswalk last night while trick or treating in santa rosa. and 7:30 on north dutton avenue near there. they are both expected to survive. they were with their parents when the adult saw the car coming and tried to stop the
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children from crossing the street but they went ahead anyway. police have not said if the driver will face charges. it is full steam ahead for the presidential candidates today after a brief campaign break to focus on the super storm in the northeast. president obama spoke in green bay, wisconsin just a few hours ago. >> governor romney has been using all his tail limits as a sales map to dress up these very same policies that failed our country so badly. the very same policies we have been cleaning up after for the past four years. >> with just five days left until the election president obama hit the trail today and came out swinging against mitt romney, he also touched preyful on the storm's impact, pledging to help those whose lives in his words have been turned upside down. >> there is no question in my view that -- that we really can't have four more years like the last 4 years, i know the obama folks are chanting 4 more
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years, four more years but or chant is this, five more days, five more days is our chant. >> just about an hour ago mitt romney held a rally in roanoke, virginia, romney once again asked supporters to donate to the red cross to help the storm victims but he quickly turned his sites on the election, mocking president obama for suggesting a cabinet level department of business. romney said that would not add jobs on main street. many of you are doing last minute reading up on candidates in the many state and local propositions. can help you with that. go to the news, drop down at the top of the front page and click on politics to read or print the ballot for your county. hundreds of people showed up at the san jose convention center today to take advantage of free help with their mortgage. janine de la vega explains what was being offered. >> reporter: he is a single day in danger of losing his home. he came here hoping to hang on
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to his. >> i just been through a divorce right now and this is to change to lower my interest rate and mortgage. >> this free event is put on by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america. it helps homeowners with unaffordable mortgages restructure their loans. >> we have contracts with all the major lenders and investors to motive the mortgages, that is why we are successful. >> all the major lenders are at the event and meet with homeowners face-to-face and work to lower interest rates or reduce the principal owed. the ceo says 80% of the people who come to their events with the right paperwork in hand leave with affordable solutions the same day. >> i could not believe it. they took my 6.5% interest only loan i had from country twied down to 2% principal and interest, that dropped my payment from 2700 a month to 1700 a month. >> he was so pleased with his help he convinced his son to come get help. >> i am very optimistic so far
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from everything my dad told me, because he went through it and got his interest rate lowered so why not, you know. >> you should bring a month's worth of pay stubs and those things. this eveptd is held there through monday. doors open at 8:00 a.m. and will stay open in until 8:00 pm. ktvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco city leaders say they kept the cost of the giants victory celebration to a min um. it is estimated the parade and city hall celebration costs a million dollars. the giants are picking up the tab with the city paying for clean up and insurancing public safety. officials say the reworked schedules to reduce overtime and did not take long for crews to remove all the confetti along market street. about six dozen workers cleared 3000 pounds of biodegradable ticker tape easier to remove than the plastic pieces used two years ago. as recommended many fans
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attending the celebration took mass transit. bart recorded its highest daily ridership ridership ever. it carried that many, that shattered the old record set during then. cal train reported that ridership more than doubled compared to a normal wednesday commute. bay area red cross volunteers are heading for the east coast today to help victims of super storm sandy. some left this morning. more than 50 volunteers from the bay area and santa cruz chapters are deploying there. many offered to help after seeing pictures of the devastation and all the people in need. >> it is very hard. it is very hard to see it and your heart goes out for the people that are involved, that is for sure. >> the red cross says peel in the bay area have stepped up to the plate to help storm victims. blood donations here are up
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about 25%. >> and the bay area weather we still av a few lingering showers out there. the primary focus right now is in the south bay. we can show you a live look outside, lingering cloud cover there. mostly sunny skies or mostly cloudy conditions is the team over the next few hours. the latest right now on live storm tracker 2. there goes the doppler sweep, see the pattern, as i mentioned the bulk of the action toward monterrey bay and watsonville and the airport reporting light rain probably due to this activity moving east so that is a factor somewhat at least in the short material with those clouds and the rain showers out there. we will move the maps once again. with that holding on to the chance of a few light showers into this thursday afternoon. as far as current numbers, they are in the 50s to the 60s. you can see right now 62 in santa rosa. san francisco 61. warmest location toward fairfield in the upper 60s. on track to reach 70 degrees
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this afternoon. forecast headlines for today. clouds and sun mix. a chance of a shower. tomorrow scattered high clouds. still cool to mild. the weekend though no rain threat. we will have some fog in the morning hours but temperatures recover nicely for both saturday and into sunday. here is the weather system we have been watching. you will notice it kind -- it kind of bows up toward the end here. we kind of have a little bit of development. that probably slowed the system down yesterday but still fluff to generate the rainfall across the northern half of the region before the sun set. right now the bulk. action heading south. here is our model, does a nice job. still lingering showers this afternoon. into the afternoon hours we scale back somewhat on the cloud cover against. holding on to the chance of a shower. then in tomorrow into your friday we will be dry, we do increase the high clouds as we do head into the midmorning hours and into friday afternoon. temperatures this afternoon on the cooler side, 60s, warmest locations right around 70 out toward fairfield and brentwood. san jose a forecast high right
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around 68. morgan hill 69, half moon bay 62. here is a look ahead your five- day-forecast with your weekend in view, scattered clouds and fog and temperatures recovery nicely, then monday more sunshine, at this point voting day looks good as well as we do take a look there as well, but tory once again, probably already had a few reminders don't forget this change the clocks before you go to bed saturday night as we get a little extra hour of sleep. >> yeah, need a lot of reminders, thank you mark, with cold weather returning that means the start of that. startingday today officials will issue alerts about burning wood when weather conditions create concerns about air pollution. officials say wood smoke is the largest source of winter air pollution in the bay area. when we get back we will tell you the latest bay area city to ban a certain type of food container. also the latest jobs report it is out today, only days before the election.
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u.s. stocks rose strongly following positive reports about manufacturing and consumer confidence. two key elements of the economic recovery. taking live look the dow is up 113 at 12,210, the nasdaq up 39, the s&p up 13. the labor department says first time jobless claims fell
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again last week. 363,000 people made initial filing for unemployment insurance, down 9000 from the week before. it is a level suggesting steady but only modest job growth. the jobless report for all of october will be released tomorrow morning, despite concerns it would be delayed due to the storm. starting today they are making life easier for cyclist who want to stop for a while in the town. the danville express reports 39 new bike racks are being installed. town leaders say what makes these racks so special is they are much easier to use and fill in the -- fit into the local scenery much better than ones now in place. you can add san leandro to the list of cities with a ban on styrofoam food containers, a ban goes into effect today which prohibits them. they cannot be recycled and can
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pollute waterways and public spaces. oakland police are getting extra help today. coming up at 5:00. the chp joins the opd on its first day of patrols on oakland streets all part of an effort to crack down on street violence. we will show you how it is working and the difference it could make. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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